Virtual Professional Development

November 12, 12:00pm, MST - 1:00pm, MST



Experience the Failure Resume

Grab your lunch and join CHIMSS to learn from CT Lin, MD, FACP, FAMIA, CU Health CMIO, who will share his experience with the Failure Resume.

“CT has failed at so many things, it isn’t even funny … or maybe it is.”

– CT’s Failure Resume

On the surface, writing a failure resume sounds like a surefire way to cause your self-esteem to nosedive; however, you may be surprised to find it working in the opposite way. A failure resume is a great way to learn how you succeed.

There are many good reasons to write a failure resume, including:

  • It’s an opportunity to find and address things that have gone wrong. The most obvious use for a failure resume is to prevent yourself from repeating mistakes. Doing this will also empower you to try again and avoid thinking that the activity is just something you can’t do.
  • A failure resume is a great reminder of where you have been and that you are where you should be. It reflects our senses of perseverance and dedication. If you learned from your mistakes, you may notice that most failures are only listed once. If you haven’t grown from those mistakes, you may see the same mistakes listed many times.
  • It demonstrates that the path to success is not a straight one. All careers go through fits and starts. When your job gets you down, review your failure resume to remind yourself what you did to overcome past problems.

*This event is open to the entire healthcare community*