Chapter Advocacy with HIMSS

HIMSS Chapter Advisory Roundtable engages state and national leaders representing state legislatures, HIT coordinators and current and former state officials and other experts in the field of health IT. The Roundtable meets virtually on a quarterly basis and at least once per year in-person to discuss important health IT topics and key challenges at the state level.

The HIMSS Chapter Advisory Roundtable's primary purpose is to create a shared future vision and identify opportunities to connect state and Federal health IT issues.

Moreover, the CAR identifies and makes recommendations based on HIMSS Policy Principles and priority action items to assist states in utilizing health IT to support health information exchange and connecting behavioral, human services and clinical systems, public/population health.

CAR maintains situational awareness of the role and value of health IT in states relating to:

  • Health System Transformation and Delivery Reform
  • Health Information Exchange (connecting behavioral, human services and clinical systems, public/population health)
  • Telehealth/telemedicine
  • mHealth
  • Electronic Health record adoption and utilization
  • Expansion of CMS 90/10 Match $ and other Policy Leavers Support Health IT Adoption
  • Integrated Identity Management
  • Applied genomics and precision medicine

The discussions and meetings are an opportunity to learn about specific state-level health IT issues from a representative body of state and federal officials working to address the unique challenges and opportunities for states on the path towards private and secure, interoperable, electronic health information exchange (HIE). The Roundtable could identify state specific health IT issues that cross state boundaries and provide grassroots insight and updates on state and regional health IT activities.

The Chapter Advisory Roundtable is led by former Governor of Wyoming, Jim Geringer and former Governor of Vermont, Jim Douglas. For more information on how to participate in the Chapter  Advisory Roundtable, please contact Marielle Kocak at or (703) 562-8815.