CHIMSS Board Member Openings

Dear Colorado HIMSS Members,

As you may know, our Colorado Chapter of HIMSS (CHIMSS) is overseen by a Board of volunteers that dedicate their time and expertise to identify and create networking and educational opportunities for our members.

It is the time of year when we plan for Board transitions. There are a number of positions that will be coming open for the July 1, 2017-July 20, 2018 year and I wanted to reach out to share the roles where we are actively seeking candidates for the upcoming ballot.

Upcoming open ballot opportunities:

  • President-elect (2019-2021 term)
  • Sponsorship Chair
  • Program Chair-elect
  • Membership Chair
  • Treasurer-elect
  • HIE Liaison
  • Professional Development Chair
  • Academic Chair
  • Advocacy Chair-elect
  • Communications Chair

The ability to be considered as a candidate for a CHIMSS Board position is contingent upon being a member in good standing of both HIMSS and the Colorado Chapter for at least one (1) year. If you do not currently meet those requirements, please remember we will be seeking candidates again this time next year!

If any of the positions above are of interest to you, please reach out to me at to talk further and share the position description. Ballots are targeted to go out May 1, 2017.

Look forward to connecting!


Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs

CHIMSS President