OeHI Care Coordination Survey

CHIMSS Members,


The Colorado Health IT Roadmap - led by Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) and steered by the eHealth Commission - has been approved by both the eHealth Commission and the Governor's Office. The Roadmap was developed with input from over 1,000 stakeholders from many Colorado communities, both rural and urban. The effort now enters the transition planning and implementation phase. This Roadmap provides strategic direction for the state of Colorado to advance Colorado's Triple Aim - best health, best care and best value. 


One of the Roadmap Initiatives is to support care coordination in communities statewide by leveraging and aligning technology, projects, and processes. This particular initiative was prioritized by stakeholders as one of the top priorities to be addressed.


To better understand the challenges around care coordination, the Office of eHealth Innovation is asking for your help. Completing this brief 10-minute survey will provide valuable information to OeHI that will inform the planning and implementation of the Care Coordination Initiative. Thank you in advance!


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