Colorado Chapter of HIMSS

President's Welcome Address

Welcome to the Colorado Chapter of HIMSS!


Dear CHIMSS members,

I am excited to serve YOU as the President of the Colorado Chapter of HIMSS. Our chapter focus for this year and ahead is to promote ENGAGEMENT of our members and the patients. The past and current board have worked to create a collaborative and educational atmosphere to better health through information and technology.

To become the leaders in our industry we must recognize transformation, change, and continually surround ourselves with best in class educational and networking experiences.

I firmly believe that we live in a state that is unique, innovative, and forward thinking. We have remarkable members in our chapter and continually strive to recognize our members. We continue to find ways to expand and improve our board in order to recognize every member in our chapter and surrounding regions. Some of the things that we are working on are: creating “hub” events in different areas throughout the state to allow those not in the Denver metro area to network and attend events virtually; collaborating with the chapters of other healthcare organizations; creating and building a stronger academic program for CE’s and scholarships; and hosting meetup groups, for example a young professionals group.

I hope you are interested in being more ENGAGED. Please email me directly or complete the application here. Looking forward to a fun and engaging year with each of you!

Warmest Regards,

Sarah Sample-Reif

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