Colorado Health IT Roadmap

In 2013, Governor John Hickenlooper, set a big audacious goal to become the healthiest state in the nation. In November of 2017, the State of Colorado released a State Health IT Roadmap. The Roadmap was spearheaded by the Office of eHealth Innovation and constructed out of input gathered from 1,000 stakeholders across the state, both rural and urban. It will serve as the guiding force for Colorado's focus and initiatives through 2022. CHIMSS delights in the conclusion that healthcare IT plays an important role in reaching this objective. 

    Six (6) Month Progress Report (presented  July 2018 by by Mary Anne Leach and Carrie Paykoc)

    Overall Successes


    • Emailed and distributed over 350 copies


    • State 10% funding secured
    • CMS 90% funding – IAPD submitted, expected by September
    • OeHI Operating Budget for State FY 19/20 submitted
    • $40M in capital and operating funds through Sept. 2021


    • HIE & Data Sharing Work Group
    • Care Coordination Work Group
    • Consumer Engagement Work Group (forming) 

    Top 9 Initiatives Prioritized for Focus

    Roadmap Initiative #1: Care Coordination

    • Survey, interviews conducted
    • Several possible opportunities identified

    Roadmap Initiative #2: Consumer Engagement / Empowerment

    • 9News and OeHI consumer survey conducted
    • Starting August: Plan to conduct interviews, focus groups statewide; identify objectives, resources and gaps, requirements

    Roadmap Initiative #3: Advance HIE & Data Sharing

    • Both HIEs pursuing Social Determinants of Health; data integration
    • PDMP integration achieved with both HIEs
    • State Agency Data Sharing Agreement, State HIT WG
    • County Data Sharing Efforts
    • Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab (COLAB)

    Roadmap Initiative #6: Health IT PMO

    • Hired first Program Manager for EHR/HIE programs
    • Held discussions with HTS and with OIT re: approach

    Roadmap Initiative #11: Digital Health Innovation

    • Prime Health Summit & 10.10.10
    • Focusing on several roadmap initiatives
    • Connecting and aligning individual innovators, resources

    Roadmap Initiative #13: Ease Quality Reporting Burden

    • Contracted and started work with SIM on eCQMs with CORHIO, QHN, CCMCN

    Roadmap Initiative #14: Unique Person Identification

    • Developed MPI, MPD, and MDM requirements
    • MPI RFI issued, and Public Comments integrated
    • SIDMOD (Medicaid number/identifier) - current state analysis and replacement requirements are nearing completion
    • Evaluation of CORHIO / Verato (5.4M individuals) underway

    Roadmap Initiative #15: Unique Provider Identification

    • Progress continues at CDPHE

    Roadmap Initiative #16: Broadband and Virtual Care

    • Office of Broadband: April, 2018, Governor Hickenlooper signs bill for $100M in funding for rural, underserved areas in Colorado