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Our series will feature subject matter experts from our Colorado HIMSS members.

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The Nun And the Bureaucrat (Savary & Crawford-Mason, 2006)

This book applies systems thinking to complex organizations such as hospitals and areas of focus, such as informatics, and stresses how to focus on and transform the organization as a whole, looking at the Structure, Process and Outcomes, rather than paying attention only to its various parts or departments. A great read that can apply to your organization.

Posted 4/6/2020

Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach (Nelson & Staggers, 2018)

Our CHIMSS informatics committee reviewed chapters that we thought you might be interested in. For the chapters reviewed, we have provided the chapter objectives, key takeaways and noted how you might be able to leverage the information in your own organizations.

Posted 4/6/2020

Downtime for Your EHR

Jeanine Currier and Jason Fassl discuss the intersection of nursing and hospital informatics, the importance of key details to consider for your downtime procedure, nursing’s role in downtime prep, barriers to help staff adopt downtime procedures and some best practices to attain the downtime reports/forms and how to consider workflow and equipment placement.

Posted 4/6/2020

A Focus on the Opioid Crisis

Jackie Luchsinger and Dr. Patrick McCormick discuss ideas and ways that informatics can help organizations address the growing opioid issue.

Posted 11/21/2019