The Colorado Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (CHIMSS), provides Colorado's healthcare professionals with outstanding educational conferences, networking opportunities, and a forum for the interchange of ideas among those committed to the goal of improving patient care through the effective use of information technology.

CHIMSS is an award-winning chapter of the national Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Membership is not required to attend educational conferences, and national membership is not required to join the Colorado chapter. Yet membership provides deep discounts, and many other benefits.

CHIMSS members come from diverse backgrounds, all involved in some aspect of health care information systems and management. Members include physicians, nurses and other clinicians, information services executives, project managers, administrators, and consultants. Many are the key leaders and decision-makers in their respective institutions throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

CHIMSS services are dependent on the volunteer efforts of our Board of Directors and Committee Members.


President's Welcome Address

Welcome to the home of the Colorado Chapter of HIMSS! We are very excited about the 2015-16 year and are looking forward to continuing to build partnerships and relationships with other professional organizations in Colorado and surrounding areas to continue to expand access to knowledge for our Members.

The Board of Directors has worked diligently to identify and create ideas for Programs this year that will feature leaders both in our area and also outside of Colorado that are leading the way to share their experiences.

2015-16 Goals for the year include:

· Continued establishment of CHIMSS as the educational and promotional body and “go to” organization for Healthcare Information Technology in the State through partnerships and collaboration with other professional organizations in order to expand access to networking and knowledge for our Members

· Increase CHIMSS level of National Recognition through

o Delivery of top level Programs

o Feature high-level national speaker in addition to area leaders

o Spotlight Colorado Success Stories

o Facilitate partnerships to drive programs with high value

o Facilitate and highlight Innovation within Colorado and surrounding areas

As always, we welcome the input and involvement from our Members. If you have program suggestions or feel the drive to become involved, please reach out to one of the Board Members and let us hear from you!

Best to you for this exciting year!

Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs
Colorado President 2015-17



Representative Perry Buck HIMSS Award Recipient

2015 HIMSS State Legislator of the Year Award


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  • Join your peers - HIMSS members encompass a broad range of professional roles from CIOs, clinicians, and financial experts to consultants, project managers, and systems analysts. Build the peer networks necessary to acheive your goals. 
  • Be a leader - As a member and volunteer you have the opportunity to help create content including educational resources and influential policy positions all while earning leadership experience.
  • Access content - Each year HIMSS volunteers and staff publish hundreds of content pieces including educational events, thought leadership pieces, public policy positions, on-demand topical webinars and publications.
  • Save money! - Members receive complimentary access to hundreds of valuable resources and save an average of 20% on publications and educational events.
  • Stay informed - Members receive a complimentary monthly subscription to Healthcare IT News.

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