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National HIT Week:  President's Message

Healthcare is in the news just about every day. The costs of care continue to rise and debates continue regarding who should have access to care and with whom the responsibility lies to increase the health of our communities. What if there was a way to make healthcare easier to access, a way to support our physicians and nurses to be more effective and efficient, and a way increase the safety of the care we receive? Would you be interested?

Technology has made numerous industries safer, more efficient, and added value to customers in ways not previously possible. Think for a moment all the ways that technology has touched your life – including the smart phone you’re probably reading this from. The same is possible in healthcare, and the future is now. Right now, someone is wearing a watch that is saving health information that can be shared with their healthcare team. Patients are accessing their health records, scheduling appointments, and following up on their iPad. Data analytics will provide predictive models that could help us evolve or shift our focus to better serve the populations we care for.

As we move forward to the future, technology will help our caregivers provide better care. A patient with diabetes will have their glucometer linked to their electronic health record and if their levels are too high, their team will be notified and intervene. Healthcare professionals are going to diagnose diseases before patients even show symptoms.

That future – is now, and information technology is the path to by which we achieve transformation.

As we celebrate this year’s national health IT week, we are focused on the value Health IT brings to our patients, providers, and communities in the following ways:


• Supporting Healthcare Transformation

• Expanding Access to High Quality Care

• Increasing Economic Opportunity

• Making Communities Healthier


We invite you to celebrate this week on October 5th at the Denver Art Museum and to learn more about how you can impact Healthcare IT.

Visit for more details.


Patrick Guffey, MD - President, Colorado Chapter HIMSS

Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs MHSA, FHIMSS, CHCIO-E - Past President, Colorado Chapter HIMSS